Thursday, March 15, 2012

My Testimony

The blinking cursor taunts me as I stare at the screen, contemplating what my opening words should be.  After all, what exactly does one say in the very first post on a blog where I so desperately want to share my heart with you?  Where do I even begin?

Then, it hit me...

"Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have." 
- taken from 1 Peter 3:15 {NIV}

I realize, technically, no one is actually asking me to give an account.  But that blinking cursor is driving me crazy, so I must write something.  Why not start with my story?  The reason for my hope.

 As a five year old girl, I knelt beside my parent's bed and confessed my need for a Savior.  Of course, at such a young age, I was no theologian.  In fact, I'm still not much of a Bible scholar.  All I knew was that the punishment for sin was hell and Jesus loved me so much, He died so I didn't have to go.  That day, Jesus became my hero!

I grew up in a military family, moving from place to place every few years and at the time, I wished with all my being that we would just stay in one spot.  At least until high school graduation.  But, this wasn't in God's plan and now, I'm forever grateful for a life which taught me that the world was so much bigger than whatever city I wrote on the return address space of an envelope.

Accepting Christ at such a young age was wonderful because I believe that it kept me out of a world of trouble.  Other kids were doing things that I knew in my heart were sinful and the Holy Spirit worked unceasingly to convict my heart when I wanted to follow suit.  But, as wonderful as it was, my life was not without its ups and downs.  After all, I am human and I did stray from my faith more times than I'd care to admit.  Thankfully, the Lord never let up on me.

For years, I struggled with the fact that my testimony isn't a dramatic one.  I didn't have a "road to Damascus" experience, as they say.  I was just a girl who had been in church her whole life up until that moment, and every Sunday since.  Though the world would classify me as a "goody-goody", I knew that I still was a sinner destined for hell.  If it weren't for God doing a miraculous work in my heart, drawing me unto Himself, I would still be on that broad road.

Thankfully, years ago I heard a song by a southern gospel group {Greater Vision} called "Your Story" that reminded me that a testimony need not be as exciting as a movie drama to change lives.  It just needs to be real.  Here are those lyrics:

You wish your story had more meaning
So you could tell how you conquered all the pain
But, life’s been gentle, even easy
You’ve convinced yourself you don’t have much to say

So your story goes unspoken
A testimony that’s been silenced by your fears
But, let me tell you, the day God saved you
He penned a wondrous story someone needs to hear

Your Story holds the power giving hope to the weary on their way
Your Story tells them how this God of love still reaches out with arms of Grace
You’ve seen what God can do. Now it’s up to you to share His Glory
They’re waiting to be free, wanting to believe, you have what they need
Your Story

The cross of Christ a sacrifice that cannot be denied
It took as much to save you as the thief He hung beside

For those of you who have a boring-by-the-world's-standards testimony like mine, be encouraged.  Every salvation is an act of God, which is pretty dramatic if you ask me.

For those of you who can't say that you even have a testimony because you don't remember a time in your life when God changed your heart, I pray that you would go to His word and read about His great love for you.  {If you're not sure where to begin, I would recommend starting in the book of John.}  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at domesticblissdiaries {at} gmail {dot} com.


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