Monday, April 2, 2012

Confessions of a Christian Organizer/Decorator

Looks stylish and comfy.  Like the way the furniture is laid out too.
{This lovely living room is from Daffodil Design Blog}

I have something to confess...

Two of my favorite hobbies are organizing and decorating.  However, with one income, it can be difficult to make sure bills are paid, much less organize and decorate my home the way I'd like.  So, I often find myself becoming discontent with this house:  

The mortgage payment is too high...
The square footage is too small...
Though I picked the wall color, I chose it with the goal of selling this house... not living in it.  
Now I can't stand it.
We don't have a lot of stuff, but the lack of space makes our home appear cluttered anyway.
Our furniture is nothing but hand-me-downs.
The kitchen is galley-style {not my favorite} and rather small.
I prefer open floor plans but our kitchen/dining room is separated from our living room.

So, I guess, in short, my confession today is that I have spent a lot of time lately complaining about my home when I should be thankful.  Thankful for the roof over my head and a floor that isn't dirt.  Thankful for a kitchen that, though small, is adequate to cook in.  Thankful for people who love us enough to give us their furniture.  Thankful for being able to paint our walls.

Then, after genuinely giving thanks, I can begin to look at things objectively and focus on the real problem: clutter.  Get rid of what we don't need and organize the rest.  And then, as time goes on, focus on decorating in budget-friendly ways.  Of course, this may mean sewing my own curtains and throw pillows or shopping at yard sales instead of department stores {no shame in that, by the way!}.  It may mean focusing on small changes like a new plant here or a new candle there.  It may also mean that it takes me a really long time to finish; though, from what I hear from others who love to decorate, your house never is truly "done" - which, I guess, is half the fun. ;)

Don't get me wrong, I love my job as "homemaker".  I like to literally make a home through decor as well as intangibly make a home by nurturing my family, ministering to friends, and welcoming strangers.  But, as you can see, sometimes my priorities get twisted and I become discontent in my present situation when, instead, I should be focusing on the bigger picture.

So, now that I've showed you that hidden flaw, I want to know how you stay content in your home and homemaking.  Please share some tips in the comments below...


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