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Friday Favorites 4.26.2012

I thought I'd start something new here at Domestic Bliss Diaries: Friday Favorites {a.k.a. stuff for you to read/make/do over the weekend... in case you're looking for any inspiration}.  And, yes, I'm aware that, technically, it's still Tuesday at the time this post was published, but I'll be going to the zoo with my little man and a newly-formed group of young moms, so I want to make sure I get this done for all of you, leaving me free to focus on quality time with those I'm hanging out with tomorrow.

I'd like to start each post by recapping what you may have missed this week...

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If you were not able to catch one of these posts, feel free to click through and catch up.

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Okay, now that you've got the scoop on this week's "hot topics", here are today's Friday Favorites:


For Those of You Who Don't Comment on Blogs from Chatting at the Sky - Let me just go ahead and publicly say "Ditto" to everything Emily writes in this one.

Soft Words from Spell Outloud - This is such a great way to encourage kind and encouraging words among siblings because, let's be real, siblings can speak more harshly to each other than they'd ever dream about speaking to anyone else.

The Modesty Meltdown: Are Parents to Blame? from the MOD Squad Blog - This one left me with a burden for teenage girls who feel like they have to dress provocatively for boys to notice.  And, as a mother to a three-year-old little boy, I cringe at what kind of temptations my son is going to have to fight against, all because the female population doesn't know how to cover up.

Michelle Duggar on Having 19 Kids and Zero Expectations from TLC's Parentables - It is so freeing to let go of unrealistic expectations and, instead, focus on setting reasonable goals that will benefit everyone.  When we do this, we set others free as well because we no longer expect them to live up to our impossible standards.


Cutest "Food Market" I've Ever Seen!!

This pretend market from Apartment Therapy is seriously THE cutest I've ever seen!  Can you believe it's made from an old hutch?  I know, I was impressed too.  Click HERE for the full story at Kate's Creative Space.

Community service ideas for homeschoolers

Whether you homeschool or your children leave home to attend school, it is important to teach them to serve others.  This post over at The Homeschool Classroom has several great suggestions to help point you in the right direction.

This cool boys' bathroom was designed by Maria Beck {from Live Beautifully}.  I was drawn to it because it wasn't "too whimsical".  You know what I mean: ducky curtains or other "loud" print.  {No offense to those of you who decorate your bathrooms in this fashion.}  Honestly, if my son had his own bathroom, I wouldn't be opposed to him picking out the decor himself but, in our home, his bathroom IS the guest bathroom.  The reason I like the above space so much is because it's clearly a "boy bathroom", but it doesn't scream "my-three-year-old-son-who-can-barely-aim-at-the-potty-correctly-thus-occasionally-*ahem*-"misses"-uses-the-same-toilet-you're-about-to-use".

This is a quote that was made pretty by ...and Spiritually Speaking.  It's one of those that'll reach out and grab you.  It is so true that, if we want our children to feel comfortable sharing their heart with us when they're fifteen and dealing with potentially life-altering choices, we must be willing to listen to them when they're five-years-old and the biggest news in their world is that bug they just found.


Thanks for "tuning in" to my first-ever Friday Favorites post.  I hope you enjoyed all that I've shared as much as I've enjoyed sharing it all with you.  I pray that you enjoy the rest of your Friday and your weekend.  May you have time to enjoy your family and rest.  See you all back here on Monday!


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