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House Dreaming: Kitchen/Dining Room

This is the second installment of a series I'm calling "House Dreaming".  In the first post, I told you that my husband is officially on board with me using our home to practice my interior decorating skills without having to worry about resale value, as it seems we're going to be living here for quite some time.  I also shared some of my ideas for our entry, as well as my plans to create a mini-mudroom of sorts in our dining area.  {I am hoping to create a floor plan of our home soon... so you can actually see what I'm talking about.}

Today, we're moving on and talking about the kitchen and dining area.  And, yes, I said "dining area", not "dining room", because we do not have the luxury of a dining space that is separate from our kitchen.  It's all good, though, because it does serve it's purpose.  So, since these rooms are technically one space, I'm including them in the same "House Dreaming" post.

First, let's start with the kitchen...

This space is almost as dark as the entry.  That window doesn't provide enough light, so I'm planning on painting the cabinets white... once I strike up the nerve.  It's not exactly a popular decision in my house so, if it ends up flopping, I'm gonna have to eat crow.  But, I'm almost convinced it's a smart move.  I mean, just look at these kitchens:

White cabinets, mint walls, modern metal chairs...
I showed you guys this kitchen in a previous Friday Favorites post and I'm still loving it for the same reasons I mentioned before: white cabinets, glass fronts on the upper cabinets, and wall color.  Definitely light and bright!

White cabinets, butcher block countertops, backsplash, and colorful shade... perfect!
{Not sure who to credit; if you know, please tell me.}

I like this picture because it gives me a good idea of how my kitchen would look with white cabinets, glass tile backsplash, butcher block counters and a pop of color in the shade - all things I'm hoping to incorporate in my own space.

Here's what I'm thinking:

Kitchen Finishes
{Created using Polyvore}

I can't replace my floors or my appliances anytime soon, so I have to keep those in mind.  {The flooring and appliance featured are not the exact ones I have.  I simply chose them to give you an idea of what I'm dealing with}.  I think I'm going to go with a glass tile backsplash in a beautiful blue/gray color and paint the walls a similar hue.  Also, I think stained butcher block countertops will compliment the floors, as well as maintain a certain level of warmth among all the whites, grays, and blues.

Here's how I plan on accessorizing:

#1 - I would love to add glass shelves inside the window to hold an herb garden. {Via}

#2 - Industrial touches add a certain casual feel that I think would work well in our home - like that cart or the light. {Via}

#3 - I am a huge fan of taking glass canisters like these and lining them up as if they're in a cute little specialty foods shop.  Plus, when filled with frequently used dry goods, the kitchen is instantly more organized and user-friendly. {Via}

#4 - Definitely aiming to inject pops of color to break up the neutral white and to add to the casual, fun vibe I'm going for.  {Via}

As for the dining area, this is the plan:

#1 - Yes, this is the same fabric that YHL used for their dining room also, but I think it would work wonderfully with the colors I'm hoping to interject in my kitchen.

#2 - Okay, okay... I get that this photo makes 3 things I'm copying using as inspiration from YHL, but their gallery wall seriously has me swooning.  Basically, anything that they love and can fit on a frame is fair game: funny fortune-cookie sayings, quotes, photo booth strips, fabric or wrapping paper, maps... anything!  It's kind of like an ever-changing, wall-mounted scrapbook.  And, since I have one big wall to fill up with something, I'm thinking an evolving scrapbook-wall-of-sorts is just what the doctor interior decorator ordered.

#3 - I choose this photo because our table is similar to the one above {though the legs are different} and I'm thinking about staining it to match the butcher block countertops.  Then, I'll add some fun modern chairs for a more relaxed, eclectic vibe and a rug underneath to break up all the brown - definitely would have to be a durable rug, as I do have a three year old who still manages to find a way to share his dinner with the floor.


There is so much more I could tell you about my plans for this space {like, there WILL be a chalkboard somewhere, by golly, and I plan on turning an awkward counter-overhang into something that at least looks like a breakfast bar}.  BUT, because I am aware that you all lead busy lives, therefore have better things to do that sit and read all about my kitchen/dining "area" dreams, I'll stop for now.  Of course, as things progress, I'll keep you posted every step of the way.

Until then...

Describe your dream kitchen OR tell me one reason you love your current kitchen...

I'd love to know!


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