Tuesday, May 15, 2012

House Dreaming: Laundry Room + Cleaning Closet

Can I be totally honest with you?  I am really loving putting these "House Dreaming" posts together.  Of course, there's the obvious reason: getting to {virtually} play around with color schemes and fabric, which is ALWAYS my idea of a good time.  But, the biggest reason is because I'm the most indecisive person I know and these posts force me to pick something, ANYTHING.  After all, not choosing means no post.  Obviously, I can always make changes later, but you don't know how much this is an exercise for my normally allergic-to-making-a-decision self.

Now that I've confessed that character flaw quirk, let's get this party started...

Okay, another confession: I can't stand doing laundry.  I think of it as a "necessary evil".  Now, I know we have it made compared to how they did laundry in the "old days", but geez... I'd just rather do anything else.  Honestly putting clothes in the washer and moving them over to the dryer is not that big of a deal.  It's the process of getting them from the dryer to the closet/dresser that breaks down.  The DAY my son can do his own laundry, it WILL be on his chore list...

Anyways, because doing laundry isn't my favorite chore ever, I thought I'd have a little more fun in the laundry room.  Who knows?  Maybe I'll WANT to start doing laundry if I can get the room looking nice.  Then, again...

Here's what I'm hoping to do:

Teal Laundry Dream

{Ha... kinda matches my blog, huh?}  ;)

Since I am keeping the kitchen/dining area fairly neutral with pops of color in the accessories, I thought I'd do the exact opposite in the laundry room: bold walls with white fixtures. I am hoping to purchase front loading washers and dryers in the future, but this plan still works with my old machines because they are also white. Above the washer/dryer, I will add open shelving for storage.  

As for accessories, I want to hang a fun light fixture {this one is from Ikea} and use that yellow/white graphic Dwell Studio print to make some roman shades. The white hamper with yellow writing was inspired shamelessly copied from those belonging to Jen from IHeart Organizing. The yellow bowl on the shelf is just supposed to represent yellow accessories that will be placed here and there. Speak of which, I didn't include a pic, but I will be adding a fun rug too.

That's it for the laundry room, friends.  But, while we're on the subject of cleaning, let's discuss another project I have planned for the linen closet of our home...

Utility Matters

Ta Da!
Cleaning Closet!!

Okay, so I admit it's not THAT groundbreaking.  BUT, I am loving this idea!  And, in case you're wondering, our linens will be kept in our bedrooms {ideally, under the bed in their own containers} and the towels will be kept in our bathrooms {if I pair down some of our stuff, I can make them fit... by golly!!}.  We currently keep our first aid kit and medications on a high shelf in the linen closet as well as our media equipment {dvd player, cable box, etc}, but all of that will be removed and relocated.  I'm determined... Mama's getting herself a cleaning closet!!

Basically, I want to paint the walls inside the closet a fun color or stencil a graphic pattern on them, and then add a light to make the closet's contents easier to see.  I will keep my vacuum cleaner, mops, brooms, cleaners, and basically anything I need to clean my home, in this closet.  I will also add a chore checklist to the inside of the door so I am sure to make sure everything gets done.

Again, I'm hoping this will motivate my inner neat-freak... I'll admit that she doesn't like to make an appearance very often.


Be honest, are you enjoying these as much as I am?  I'm loving it so much I may offer to do a couple of house dreaming posts for those of you who want some help with your own space {that is, if ya'll want me to}.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!


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