Monday, May 28, 2012

Window Shopping: Right on Target


Target is my happy place.  It's where I go to get away when the testosterone levels in my home get WAY too high {i.e. hubby turns on an action movie or starts a "pooting war" with my son - ah, the joys of boys!}, or when I want to ignore the pile of dishes in the sink.  It's where I go to recharge my batteries {I usually go alone} and gain some inspiration.  This past Saturday, I paid my happy place a visit.

{This was taken a while back, on a visit I made with my son.  I wanted to take a pic of him standing in the circle, facing me and smiling.  But, he just wouldn't do it.  I took the pic anyways and now it's one of my favorites of him because he's just being real!}

Before I show you what caught my eye, I want to share with you this weird habit I have: I make my way through the store, going from department to glorious department, in the same order... every time:

Dollar section ---> Clothing ---> Shoes ---> Books/Magazines/Movies ---> Outdoor Decor --->

Home Decor/Organizing ---> Kitchen/Housewares ---> Cleaning ---> School/Office Supplies --->

Health/Beauty ---> Accessories

See? Same route.  Every.Single.Time.  What can I say?  I'm a creature of habit.

Anyway, enough about my weird habits... here's what I found while making my rounds:

I thought the multi-colored dot buckets and utensil caddies were so cute.  I don't remember how much they were, and I can't find prices online.  Sorry.  It looks like the middle bucket is $14.99, so I'm guessing the larger one is just a few bucks more.  {Note to self - write down prices next time!}  But couldn't you just see them livening up an outdoor party!  I'm thinking I need to go back and grab a caddy for my son's art supplies!

Next was this ampersand.  I really want one in my house somewhere.  Not sure why... just do.  If I happened to purchase one like this, I'm still debating on whether or not I'd leave it as is or paint it... nothing is safe from spray paint in my house!  And, for those of you who want to know the price,
I'm pretty sure it was $9.99 {but don't quote me on that}.

I was so excited to find this because I'm planning on redoing my son's bedroom this summer and this navy bedding would be perfect!  {Stay tuned for a House Dreaming post on his bedroom.}  These were only $29.99/ea for the twin size!  Which is good, cause I'm actually gonna need two.

Okay, I'm not even joking when I tell you that I literally gasped when I saw this amazing display.  This, my friends, is what organized people live for...  Organizing products beautifully organized!!  Any one of these items are sure to bring life to even the dreariest of office cubicles.

These little cuties stopped me in my tracks.  Soy candles packaged to look like ice cream cartons!  Absolutely adorable.  But, $12.99?  Am I the only one who thinks that's a little steep.  I mean, I'm not saying I would never buy one at that price... I'm just saying I'd wince a bit in the checkout line.

Now, this photo has a story...

I passed by the rug first and honestly, just kept going.  I've seen that rug a hundred times, both in store and on other blogs.  She and I {yes, the rug is a SHE!} are old friends, so I said a polite "hello" and kept going.  After all, I was looking for new stuff...

Then, I reached the shower curtain aisle and fell in love with that medallion print.  Here's a better idea of what it looks like {although the colors aren't true to the product}:

Okay, so back to my story:

I loved this shower curtain in the teal/green/brown but when I saw this one, I immediately thought of my friend, the rug.  So, I made my way BACK to the rug aisle, held the shower curtain up to the rug {see photo at the beginning of this story}, and for a moment, rethought my ENTIRE plan for my home.  You see, my hubby and I disagree on EVERYTHING when it comes to home decor {which is another post entirely...}.  Because he prefers warmer tones, I thought I could scrap everything I had planned up until this point and start over with the rug and shower curtain as my inspiration...

Long story short, this inner dilemma put me in a funk all day.  I returned home from my trip to pour myself over my computer and decorating books, looking for a compromise between his likes and my likes.  {Stick around, you'll soon learn that I am the most indecisive person you'll ever meet - which I probably should have mentioned in my Things I'm Afraid to Tell You post.}  Anyway, I think I've found the perfect solution to our decor disagreements... but you'll have to wait until later this week... mwahaha... {that's my not-so-evil laugh, in case you were wondering}.

Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed everything that jumped out at me.  I should tell you that this post was inspired by this window shopping, target style post from YHL.  So, I pretty much "ditto" everything they found.  This post is kind of my "p.s." to theirs...

So, what did I actually wind up buying?

One of those binders, of course!  Come on, I couldn't just let all of that organized goodness just sit on the shelf, now could I?  Plus, I'm a girl who can always find a use for a binder!

An HGTV magazine.  I've have GOT to remember to subscribe to this one.  It's a good one, I promise!  Anyone else think HGTV has done a pretty awesome job putting together a magazine?  I'm loving them!

And a blue hand broom and dustpan for my son.  Confused?  Let me explain...  My son likes to "help" me clean.  So, when I spotted this set in the dollar bins {so only cost me a buck!}, I just had to get it.  After all, this is one habit of his that I will definitely encourage.  When I gave it to him, he was so excited!  I kid you not, he wanted to clean right then and there.  Because of his positive reaction, I now have plans to make him a cleaning caddy of his own {really I'll just put some water in a spray bottle and put it in a cleaning caddy with a microfiber cloth}.

So, there you have it!  The latest inspiration from my happy place.

Found anything you like at Target lately?
Anyone else take the same route while visiting their favorite stores?


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