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Friday Favorites - 6.15.2012

This week's Friday Favorites post is coming to you a little early because, as I type this, my sister is at the hospital preparing to give birth to her first child.  I can't tell you how excited I am to meet the little man who is responsible for making me an aunt for the first time.  First thing tomorrow morning, my Little Man and I will be loading up in the car and driving six hours to the hospital to see her and, hopefully, that precious baby.  So, if you think about it, please say a prayer for a healthy mommy and baby, as well as safe travels for us.

Alright, so, in Friday Favorites tradition, let's kick off this post with a recap of what went on around here this week:

If you tell me which topic you'd rather read about in eBook form, you'll receive a free copy upon completion.  {This offer ends at 11:59 PM on 6.16.2012}

Summertime is supposed to be relaxing, but between summer camps and vacations, it can send your schedule into overdrive.  Take some of the chore-related stress off your plate by implementing a "magic minimum".

Don't let beauty products take over your bathroom counter... use these tips to corral it all!

If you've ever failed to reach a goal, you've probably wondered why.  This post reveals 6 reasons we often miss the mark.

In Wednesday's post, I mention "lack of motivation" as a reason you may not be reaching your goals.  In this follow-up post, I share 5 obstacles that can get in the way of being motivated enough to get things done.

So, if you've missed anything, be sure to check it out.  After all, I'd hate for you to miss out on anything.

Go ahead.  I'll wait on you.
Done?  Okay, great... Let's get down to everyone's favorite part of these Friday Favorites posts: the part where I actually reveal my favorites.  Last week I used categories {organizing, outfit, etc} and simply shared my favorite find from each one.  This format was a little easier for me and many of you seemed to like it as well, so we're gonna tackle it the same way this week.  Sound good?  Great... Here we go...


How we Montessori Art Centre for multiple ages

I thought this Art Center from How We Montessori was awesome!  Now, I'll be honest, I don't know a whole lot about Montessori except it teaches children life skills and how to become more independent.  So, anytime I see a post about any kind of Montessori "station" or "center", I have to check it out.  Maybe what I love most about Montessori is how things are organized... activities are grouped together, almost like a "kit" {and we all know how I feel about kits} and then placed at a child's eye level.  This way, they can help themselves to whatever task it may be.  Thus, fostering healthy independence.

Anyone out there use Montessori methods in your home?  
I'm interested in learning more...


Bedroom Design, Pictures, Remodel, Decor and Ideas - page 12

This picture {found HERE} caught my eye because it looked a like a great example of a His + Her's bedroom.  My husband would appreciate the darker wall color, black furniture, and modern silver pulls.  While I'm drawn to that headboard, bedding, and chic lamp.  I could definitely see us sitting in bed... him reading a book on the Kindle while I engross myself in my most recent magazine purchase.

What do you think about this look?  
Do you think it strikes a good balance between masculine and feminine?

love this all together

When I saw this outfit on Pinterest, I simply HAD to repin it!  Here's the thing, as a mom, outfits have to meet certain criteria before I'll happily put it on my body.  For one thing, it has to be just as comfortable as it is cute!  In my Anatomy of an Outfit post, I shared my "formula" for fool-proof outfits.  This one definitely proves that formula right... The blazer, blouse, and jeans are all basic pieces that we should all own.  What elevates this outfit is the gold necklace and bauble ring, thus making this ensemble perfect for casual Friday at the office or a lunch date with your best friend.

Would you wear this look?  If so, where to?
Do you have a standby "formula" for putting outfits together?



This week's favorite beauty-related find isn't a hairstyle or a picture of a woman with beautiful makeup, but a quote.  I love hair products, nail polish, and eye liner just as much as the next girl, but beauty is more than skin deep.  You may be beautiful on the outside but if your attitude, behavior, and actions are ugly, then you are ugly!  Conversely, if you have a good attitude, behave like a lady, and act in selfless ways... you truly are beautiful!

How do you define true beauty?
What makes you feel beautiful?

Fluffernutter Cupcakes...  I want to try the peanut butter marshmallow frosting!

This amazing looking recipe {and photo} was created by the lovely Kristan of Confessions of a Cookbook Queen.  Don't they look delicious?  I hear the peanut butter marshmallow frosting is life changing!

Do you think you'd like this cupcake?
What's your favorite cupcake flavor?


striped lawn chairs, movie night | images: studiobomba
{Unknown Source}

This photo appealed to me for two reasons: 1} I have a soft spot in my heart for Airstream trailers.  My husband thinks I'm nuts for wanting to buy one, remodel it, and park it in our backyard for an "office/woman cave".  And 2} Those striped lawn chairs look so chic lined up in rows... Looks like a great way to watch an outdoor movie.  Don't you think?

Have you ever been to an outdoor movie?
Would you ever buy an airstream, remodel it, and park it in YOUR backyard? ;)


Home Theater

Shauna Rae from My Mix of Six shared a fun way to encourage kiddos to do their chores.  She plans a "Home Theater" night and awards tickets based on completed tasks.  The tickets can be "spent" on admission, treats, and pillows/blankets for snuggling.  Kids will have a blast earning tickets and will learn how to "budget" them to purchase what they want.  And, if you have a stubborn child who just doesn't want to participate in chores?  They'll learn cause and effect when they cannot be admitted because they didn't earn a ticket.

How do you encourage your kids to complete their chores?
Have you ever hosted a home theater night {complete with tickets and treats} at your home?


Well, friends, this concludes yet another Friday Favorites.  I hope you enjoyed seeing what inspired me this week and I hope it all inspired you as well.  Oh, by the way, want to know how I come across all this awesome stuff every week?  Yes?  Okay, I'll tell you...

Drumroll Please...
My super-secret source is none other than the awesomeness that is Pinterest.  Okay, I know it's probably not THAT much of a secret... but you gotta admit, Pinterest IS pretty awesome!

Anyways, I tell you this for two reasons:

1} If you enjoy these posts each Friday, then you'll probably enjoy following me on Pinterest as well.  So, if you haven't already joined me over there, go ahead and do it now...  Go on... What are you waiting for? ;)


2} I ask that you please not pin any of these ideas directly from this post.  I mean, sure I'd probably get more traffic that way, but it's dishonest.  I'd rather have no traffic at all than to have tons of traffic that isn't rightfully mine!  So, let's work together to give credit where credit is due by clicking through the links that I've provided in each description.  Please and thank you!

Having said all that, I hope each and every one of you have a wonderful weekend.  Again, if you think of it, please say a prayer for my sister, her new baby, and safe travels.  Next week, I'll be coming to you live from Georgia {and hopefully will get to visit the beach at least once!}.


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