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Friday Favorites - 6.22.2012

Once again, I'm posting Friday Favorites a day early because I will be on the road once again... only this time, I'll be headed back home.  I've enojyed spending time with my sister and brother-in-law during their first full week of parenthood.  With that being said, I want to thank each and every one of you for being so patient with me this week as my posting has been anything but regular.

I didn't do too bad, though, because I was able to fit in several posts:

My very first House Dreaming guest post!! 
Angela from Sunny Sweet Life shared her dreams for her home office.  Trust me, you'll want to see it!

I shared how to keep things in perspective when approaching the task of decorating your home.

I guess this was the week of firsts, as I asked my first-ever "Would You?" question {hint: if you haven't answered it yet, it's got something to do with gold paint pens...}.  Also, I humbly accepted {as well as passed along} Domestic Bliss Diaries' first-ever blog award, thanks to my new blog friend, Angela from Sunny Sweet Life.

I didn't get around to posting yesterday...  You all were kind enough to give me a day off.  With that time, I was able to do some sight-seeing with my family {including hanging out at the beach} and meeting up with an old high school friend.  So, for that, I thank you!

Now, on to the real reason why you even bother stopping by on Fridays ;).  At least, I hope it's why you stop by: to see my favorites from across the web Pinterest.


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Honestly, I'm not much of a coffee drinker, but most everyone else I know is... I love the idea of having a coffee station that can be hidden behind closed doors when not in use.  I also love that it has a pot filler built right into the cabinet.  This makes it as easy as possible to make that all-important first cup of coffee in the morning.  After all, I've heard making a cup of coffee before actually having a cup of coffee can be a pretty daunting task...

{Get more organizing ideas from my "Get Organized" Pinterest board.}


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{Source Unknown}

I love these chairs!  What I like most about this particular one is the paint color/fabric choice combination.  Looks so chic, don't you think?  Love how they styled it, too!

{For more decorating inspiration, check out my "Whole House Style" Pinterest board.}


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This is the outfit that I WISH I wore to the beach today.  Personally, I'd have gone for some longer shorts as I'm not a huge fan of showing my *ahem* bum...  Otherwise, this entire outfit works so well.  Just enough accessories to keep things interesting without overdoing it.  Plus, I'm loving that nail polish color.

{Like this outfit?  If so, chances are you'll like a lot of what I pin to my "Outfits" board on Pinterest.}


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Definitely still thinking of the beach when I chose this hairstyle.  It looks so effortless, doesn't it!  It's perfect for a day spent with toes in the sand and a salt-water breeze on your face.

{If you're looking for more hairstyle ideas, check out my "Hair + Make Up" Pinterest board.}



This is my most recent recipe pin, but I've automatically dubbed it my favorite because, I mean, just LOOK at it!  I could feel my taste buds do a little dance, begging me to take a bite.  Too bad I couldn't satisfy them... at least, I can't right now.  Definitely going to have to make this soon though.  If your taste buds did a little dance, too, click HERE for the full recipe.

{Stuck in a recipe rut?  Check out some of my pins on my "Recipes" board on Pinterest.}


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Pay yourself to workout.  No, seriously... every time you do a workout, put a $1 bill in a jar.  Once you reach your goal weight {or $100} treat yourself to a new outfit, mani/pedi, or anything else non-food related... because you definitely deserve it!

{Need some health/fitness motivation?  See what's I've collected in my "Health + Exercise" Pinterest board.}


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{Source Unknown - Gotta love it when you click through a photo on Pinterest and it doesn't take you to the picture... UGH!  Just sayin'...  Okay, I'm over it!}

Apparently, you can use ketchup cups to bake mini-cupcakes!  Also, you'll be able to simply use a flat pan, as the cups are strong enough to stand on their own.  Apart from the obvious reason why I like this {because they're just so cute!}, I think they'd be perfect for a bridal or baby shower, a kid's birthday party, or a ladies' get-together {like, a women's ministry fellowship}.

{One of my favorite Pinterest boards is the one labeled "Entertaining/Party Ideas" .  Check it out to find out why!}


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My son is at the age {three-and-a-half} where chores will no longer be a far-off dream, rather it'll become his new reality.  Obviously, I don't believe in child labor, but I do believe in teaching children responsbility through showing them how to contribute to their household.  There's no reason why my sweet child can't make his own bed, pick up his toys, and put his dirty clothes in the hamper. 

So, I figure, if chores are going to be a "must", why not make sure the chore chart is cute... er, I mean, handsome.  These free printable chore charts from Pinch A Little Save A Lot are both stylish and practical, as they allow for checking off the tasks each day.  I plan on printing one off and sticking it inside a sheet protector and then using a dry erase marker to place a check mark in each circle.

{For more resources to help your home run smoothly, check out my "Printables" Pinterest board.}


Well, friends, that concludes yet another Friday Favorites post.  Honestly, I'd be lying if I said that I didn't look forward to putting these together for you each week.  I know I always like to see what other people are inspired by... I guess I'm inspired by the inspiration of others, if that makes any sense.

Having said all that, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  See you right back here Monday morning...


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