Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Favorites - 6.8.2012

Is it just me or did this week fly by?  Goodness...

Anyways, for those of you that may be new around here, every Friday I do a post recap {so you don't miss anything} and then I share some of my favorite things from across the web.  So, without further adieu, let's get down to business...

Here's what went on around Domestic Bliss Diaries this week...

Includes a Thirty One Square Utility Tote and Thermal Tote, as well as Jennifer Ford Berry's book: Organize Now!

It can be difficult to appease both sexes when it comes to decor.  But, in this post, I share a fail-proof way to get the job done!

Ever wonder how organized people stay so... well... organized?  This post reveals their secrets.

Now that you're all caught up, let's jump to my favorites...


polaroid chore chart

I'm telling you... I fell in LOVE with this chore chart... By far, THE most creative one I've ever seen.  It was dreamed up by the uber-creative Rachel, of the blog: Smile and Wave.  It's a vintage time card holder that now serves to keep her kiddo's chore cards {which are actually polaroids} handy.  As you can see, when the child has completed their chore, they move it down a few slots underneath the "DONE" slot.  Cute, cute, cute!  Gosh, this makes me want to be a kid again... so I can do my chores and move my cards... 



This nursery stopped me in my tracks!  It's called "Sugar Coated" and it was designed by Maddy, from Hellobee {a blog about trying to conceive, pregnancy, and parenthood... with a stylish flair, as you can see}.  This mood board definitely gives me that twinge in my heart for a daughter... One day... Lord willing...



This outfit just oozes summer.  Something about the stripes and the color combination... oh yeah, and the water in the background. ;)  But, seriously, I think this outfit is so cute!


pretty hair

I tend to gravitate toward simple, classic bob haircuts and this one fits the bill perfectly.  Of course, I'd rather have long, flowing, curly hair but that style doesn't always work well for a mom on-the-go... So, I'm thinking about cutting my hair soon and this particular style caught my attention.  What do you think?



I am not... I repeat, NOT... the best cook ever.  I am what I call a "survival cook".  In other words, I have just enough cooking skills to survive.  I can do spaghetti {with homemade noodles, thankyouverymuch} but that's pretty much the extent of my abilities.  Honestly, though, my lack of skills really is just a lack of practice.  Anyways, when I came across this recipe for Pepperoni Pizza Quesadillas, from Snixy Kitchen, I had two thoughts: {1} My three and a half year old son would probably eat this and {2} I'm pretty sure this recipe is easy enough that even I can make it...  Sounds like a winner to me!



Okay, first, back story on why I love this: For my son's third birthday my mom and I went all out... It was a Circus theme and we put a ton of effort into it {I'll have to share pics}... Anyways, we had so FEW people show up that I felt like all of our time, energy, and money was a waste.  I mean, I know it really wasn't because it wasn't for them, it was for my son.  But, these days, when money doesn't flow quite as freely as it used to... for anyone... I felt like the whole thing was a little frivolous.  So, THIS year, for his fourth birthday, I want to do something low-key, in our {small} home and only invite a handful of people.  {Honestly, I'm thinking about making it a kids-only party - with parents sticking around if they want.  Too early?  Am I crazy?} 

Anyways, I loved this banner because Ashley, from The Handmade Home, made it using nothing but scrap fabrics.  Easy and inexpensive? Check!  Meaningful, yet simple? Check!  Yep, it's official... I HAVE to make one of these for my son's next party.


Well, I hope you all enjoyed today's Friday Favorites post.  {You do like these posts, don't you?}

I did the post today differently than I normally do.  Instead of sharing a handful of random "favorites", I chose one favorite from each category {organizing, decor, fashion, hair/beauty, recipes, and entertaining}.  I feel like it was more organized this way and gave you more of a variety.  Did you like this method?

With that being said, enjoy checking out those projects/ideas/blogs featured in this post.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  I'll see you all right back here on Monday {when I'll announce the winner of the Thirty One Prize Pack - so make sure you've entered}.


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