Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Very First Mood Board!

My First
It all started a few weeks ago.  I had written a post about including my husband in the decor of our home, since it was, in fact, OUR home.  Ever since then, several of you have mentioned that you also desire to include your husband in making decorating choices, but you just don't know how since you have completely different tastes.  What's a decor-loving gal to do?

Shortly after that post was published, I had a reader email me expressing a desire to decorate in a way that blended her style with his.  She said he "prefers wood over painted {cabinets}...modern and dark, so like black, white, silver, blue, darker stain...".  Her style is a little more "undefined" as she likes "some rustic things, some modern things, bright colors, eclectic, traditional, etc".  So, I agreed to create a mood board to hopefully help her figure out a direction to take.

I honestly told her that she'd be my very first mood board for someone who wasn't a family member or close friend.  Would you believe the brave soul STILL agreed to let me give it a go?  I'm glad someone out there has confidence in me because I often doubt myself when it comes to this whole decorating for other people thing that I love so much.  Needless to say, I was nervous... like, really nervous... "What if she absolutely hates it?"... "What if her husband hates it?"... Ahhh!

This past Tuesday, I finally sat down at my computer to start on the mood board.  I messaged the reader asking for a link to her Pinterest boards, as I knew that would give me a lot of insight into what caught her eye.  Well, after about fifteen minutes or so, I still hadn't heard from her, which is no big deal... people are busy, so I didn't expect her to write back so soon.  Because I was so excited to get started, I figured I'd go ahead and attempt to put a mood board together anyway.  I figured, she knew it was my first and knew I didn't have her Pinterest link yet.  So why not?

As I was browsing for inspiration, I came across this picture:

 Home Decor Ideas Home Decor Ideas Home Decor Ideas 
{Update: Photo is from Pottery Barn; but I can't find a URL to link to.}

Here's why I picked it:

* His Checklist: Dark colors; specifically blue and black? Check!
* Her Checklist: Rustic and eclectic? Check!
* It's dark and modern enough for him, while being classy and traditional enough for her.

The first room we agree to tackle was the dining area.  So, somehow I had to make this look work for a dining room rather than an entry.  Here's what I came up with:

Masculine Dining Room

It's got the blue and black colors, dark stained wood, and modern touches that he likes, yet with the rustic touches and textures that she craves.  To me, this space says a cool, modern, sophisticated couple lives here.  I could see this decor used just as easily in a suburban home as a city loft.  Don't you think?

The important thing was, what did she and her husband think?  Whispering a silent prayer, I sent her what I had.  I even typed something like "it's totally fine if you completely hate it".  So, imagine my surprise when I got this as a response:

"I have to admit to be a teensy bit can someone else make something that I can't even figure out on my own!  However, I clicked this link and was absolutely blown away!  I love the whole thing, which I didn't think was going to happen!  You totally captured what I want, something kind of rustic, but modern and not overtly girly.  I was just drooling over those wire baskets yesterday!!  I just don't know how you did that!  I can't wait to see what my husband things, but I have a feeling he will like it.  I might sound like a serious weird-o, but like... your magic!  I don't have words!  I really truly love this, and I don't see a thing I would change."

When I read this, I was riding in the car with my mother-in-law yesterday, so I totally had to keep my composure, but friends... I was doing some seriously awkward-white-girl-happy-dancing on the inside.  I was NOT expecting such an overwhelming response.  And, by the way, I just got word this morning that her husband did, in fact, like it!  Whoop, whoop!

Also, I actually got paid for some organizing work I did yesterday!  Double blessings!  I mean, for months I've been feeling bummed trying to figure out what to do to bring in some extra funds for my family... Not feeling like I had the skills to do much of anything.  But, within one day {yesterday}, I got paid for doing something I love {organize} and got praised for being able to put together a decor-related mood board!  Now, I'm feeling like maybe, just maybe, I can do this!


P.S. What do you think?

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