Thursday, November 29, 2012

My Wardrobe Formula

Wardrobe Formula

Back in April I shared my wardrobe formula.  So, if you were hanging out with me back then, you already know what that formula consists of.  But, because Alison {from Long Distance Loving} has given us this assignment for Friday Fancies this week:

november 30th - dress yourself

I thought I'd share the formula with those of you who may be new around here {and those of you who may have forgotten since April}.  But why even have a formula?  Doesn't that make getting dressed in the morning a little... well... boring?

Here's the thing.  I'm a mom to an energetic 4 year old.  I cook, I clean, I blog.  And, truthfully, I'm doing good to get out of my pajamas for the day.  I have learned that a formula makes it easy for me to look somewhat presentable, but still do the things I need to do.  

And, as for the question about how boring it may or may not be?  Well... the answer depends on who you're asking.  Personally, I don't really think of it as boring {especially because there is an endless amount of combinations once you factor in colors, patterns, and accessories}.  I like to think of it as more helpful than anything else because it keeps me from standing in front of my closet for 20 minutes, trying to figure out what to wear.

Here's how it works... First, I...

For you, this may be dress pants {for those of you who work outside the home} or skirts, but the concept is the same.  For me, though, it's almost always starts with a pair of jeans.  

Then, I...
Neutral Top

... or, this could be a colorful and/or patterned top {depending on my mood}.

Honestly, If I don't have plans to go anywhere, I usually just put on a pair of socks {since we're a no-shoe house, for no other reason that we just prefer to hang out without our shoes on} and stop here.  But, if by chance I do have to leave the house, I'll:




Put it all together and you get outfits like these...

Yellow Stripes
{Picture via Damsel in Dior}

Orange + Polka Dot
{Picture via See Jane}

Pop of Pink
{Picture via Sincerely Jules}

The key is to choose pieces that are interchangeable.  Really you could remove and rearrange any of teh pieces and create an entirely new look.  Like so...


By the way, the fact that I have a formula doesn't mean that I never change it up or stray from it all together from time to time.  That's the beauty of it.  It's simply a guide for my daily life.  If I feel like "throwing caution to the wind", I'll put on a dress.  {Sounds thrilling, I know...but, you get my point...right?}  Basically, my style in a nutshell is: comfortable, casual, and easy.

What about you?

What's your wardrobe formula?
What three words best describe your style?

God Bless,

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