Thursday, November 21, 2013

pregnancy goals.

Last week, I announced the shocking/exciting news that after several years of infertility, God has, in His perfect timing, performed the miracle of knitting together a little life inside of me. A full nine days since seeing those two lines, it's just now starting to sink in that I really am pregnant; mostly because in my mind morning sickness = pregnant; but, thankfully, I haven't had to fight the all-day "morning" sickness that plagued me for the entire first trimester of being pregnant with Little Man. {Don't hate me!} Since things are going pretty smooth in the symptoms department so far, I've been able to do some thinking about the fact that I want to be very intentional with this season by setting some concrete goals; which admittedly, is something I didn't even think about doing for my first because, hello... survival mode.


Draw closer to the Lord during this time. The plan, for the time being, is to attempt a VBAC {Vaginal Birth After Cesarean} and I'm pretty nervous/scared/anxious about it. Little Man had to be delivered via emergency C-section, thanks to his umbilical cord being wrapped around his ankle. Since then, I have been doing research on VBACs and I think it will be the best choice for us. But there is still fear. So, in this time, I want to grow so close to the Lord that I can feel His presence with me in the delivery room.


With my Little Man, I gained WAY more than I should have and rather than losing the extra weight, I've gained even more in the years since his birth. For that reason, I'm hoping that I'll only gain 15-20 pounds this time around by eating healthy {i.e. NOT getting to know the employees of my local fast food restaurants} and exercising at least 3x/week {once I feel up to it; I may not be battling morning sickness, but I have certainly been tired!}.


Homeschooling. Chores. Errands. I may be on a pregnancy-high, but the world still goes on. Things still have to get done. My goal is to maintain a sense of balance, as best as I can. For me, this means not allowing procrastination to rear its ugly head, yet recognizing when I truly need to rest. I don't want to use the pregnancy as an excuse to slack, but I do want to be aware of the needs of my body and the baby.

For this goal, I plan to implement an idea I heard during an Influence Network class I just got around to listening to today {Big Dreamy Ideas, taught by Jessi Connolly; from earlier this year}: The Four Things Rule. Basically, the idea is to do three or four things well and lay aside the rest. {This idea comes in handy in any season of life, really.} My four things are:

My relationship with the Lord {see spiritual goal above}
Healthy Pregnancy/Baby Preparations

What are some of your current goals?
God Bless,


  1. Ok, so I have not been blogging in a while and I come to find these awesome news! This is so amazing! I will keep you in my prayers for a safe pregnancy!

    Maria @ Bloom

    1. Thank you, Maria! You're so sweet. And, yes, please pray for healthy baby and mama. We both appreciate it. ;)

  2. Those are good things to focus on during this season of life.:)

  3. AHHHHHH!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I'm so excited for you! What a blessing!! I feel like these last few weeks have been crazy busy again (and I STILL haven't responded to your last email...UGH! I know you understand, but I still feel bad!) Anyway, so, so, SO happy for you and your growing family! My current goals include more regular blogging (I just started this week!), improving my time management skills with school/volunteering/housework, and as always, building my relationship and growing closer to the Lord. My specific goal in that area is actually more focused on prayer and fasting. My prayer life has always been in need of improvement, and I feel like I'm finally learning how to press in. As for fasting, I've never done it before (and I still haven't), but I'd love to start implementing it more into my life. Thinking about starting with one or two meals a week, just to keep it simple and doable. :)

    1. Thanks, Brittany! I do understand how busy life can get, so seriously... take your time on that email. Also: your goals are great. Especially the prayer and fasting. I can't exactly fast right now, but I could sure stand to pray more. But in regards to your fasting... taking it one meal at a time is good to start with. Skip one meal and spend that time in prayer. Then next time, skip two meals... and so on until you work up to more, if you feel lead to... which is the key: doing what you feel lead by God to do.

  4. I think December is such a nice time to think about goals. It's when I feel reflective about the previous year and hopeful about the next. One of my top goals for 2014 (although I might as well start now!) is to get closer to the Lord again. I admit 2013 wasn't the ultimate best year for that. I also want to stress less and feel more still next year. (Now if I could just shift some things off my plate, I'd be set! But since that may not be able to happen, I'm going to need to figure out how to find stillness within the confines of my current responsibilities.) Well, thanks for letting me ramble on...! I'm still so excited for you!

    1. I'm the same way about goals come December: being reflective + hopeful. It's one of my favorite times of the year. I love your goal of slowing down and when you can't, being able to rest in the midst of the stress. Definitely a general goal of mine, too. Here's to a restful new year for both of us, friend!