Monday, December 16, 2013

still letting go.

If you had visited me yesterday, you would have seen the awful state of my home. Dishes piled high, dining room table covered in clutter, toys all over the living room floor... And don't even get me started on how backed up I am when it comes to our laundry. But, this is what happens when the mama of the house is out of commission for several weeks in a row.

Today, the house is a tad bit neater, but not much. And honestly? It's driving me a bit crazy because I have, as my husband likes to say, "neat freak tendencies". In other words, I don't have super high standards {i.e. please never do a white glove inspection on any part of my home}, but I also like to live in a relatively clean/clutter-free environment. Things get too out of order and my brain explodes.

Now that I seem to have made it through the morning sickness and am on the mend from a case of the sniffles, the state of my home is starting to get to me. I start to think about the fact that we host a weekly Bible study in our home on Wednesdays and that my parents will be coming in this weekend to celebrate Christmas with us. Who has time for a messy house when all of this is going on?

Then I remind myself that, in the same way I must give myself grace for slacking in the Advent department, I also need to serve myself an extra heaping helping for a house that is need of some serious TLC. After all, if Jesus can lower Himself enough to be born in the less-than-pristine conditions of that stable, then I can ignore some dust bunnies long enough to celebrate Him.

Do you have "neat freak tendencies" {whether subtle or full-fledged}, too?

What are you setting aside in order to be fully present in the celebrating?

God Bless,

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  1. That last sentence was beautiful. So indicative (for me, at least) of how caught up we get in the gift giving and the cookie baking and the advent-ing...when what we really mean to do is simply celebrate Him. My boys and I watched a beautiful rendition of the nativity story tonight online (an 8-minute video). I could see wonder in their eyes that reminded me of what I want to feel in my heart.

    Love ya, girl! Keep on letting go! As long as you need to. :)